Monika Tomulcova studio is a Slovak brand focused on the creation of jewelry, especially from recycled brass and silver. The whole process from design to production takes place in a small studio in Orava. It is the aspect of creating jewelry in one place from locally found material that is the basis for creation in our studio. It is about experimenting with materials and shapes and finding a balance between using modern technology and hand-making.

Sustainability at every step of creative proces is very important for our studio. We think that sustainability today should be the basis for any new brand design. You will find sustainability in our studio especially with the use of materials, technologies and packaging of jewelry . Special attention is paid to the choice of materials. During production, we use scrap brass sheet, which is intended for recycling. Metal recycling is an energy-intensive process from which we save metal. We also recycle all our brass scraps from which we make cast jewelry. We only use paper packaging for our jewelry.


Brass is a material that oxidizes and blackens in contact with water, acids, and air. To prolong the life of the jewelry, we gild the brass pieces. Nickel, which can cause allergies, is not used in gilding, nor are cyanide gilding solutions.


How we work

2023 Bratislava design week, kolekcia Samorast

2023 Milan Jewelry week

2023 National prize for design, collection Lamellae, collection Samorast

2023 Milan design week, collection Samorast

2022 Bratislava Design week, colllection Lamellae




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Where you can find us

Monika Tomulcová began to devote herself fully to the production of metal jewellery, after graduating from the summer jewellery academy. She studied design at the Slovak University of Technology where she designed jewelry and products focused on human psychology and wellbeing. Her work is characterized by an effort to understand the deeper relationships of objects and experimentation with materials and technologies. At the moment she is studying as gold-smith at Hodruša-Hámre private art industry school.